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Assignment to collaborate on ensuring access to cutting-edge digital expertise

In 2019, the Swedish Government has tasked the Swedish Higher Education Authority (UKÄ) and the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth (Tillväxtverket) to collaborate in analysing and proposing how access to cutting-edge digital expertise can be ensured both in the short term and long term. As part of the assignment, these governmental agencies are to start a dialogue on collaboration among stakeholders about the needs of their organisations for cutting-edge digital expertise, with the goal of increasing access to these and ensuring as far as possible improved access to statistics and forecasts about supply and demand to cutting-edge digital expertise on the Swedish labor market.

The governmental agencies are to implement the assignment in dialogue with relevant stakeholders, particularly representatives for higher education institutions, the labour market, organisations working with regional development and other public authorities.

By 31 October 2020, the governmental agencies are to submit an interim report on the assignment to the Government Offices (Ministry of Infrastructure and Ministry of Education and Research), where they present what measures have been taken and a plan for their continued work. By 31 October 2022, a final report is to be submitted to the Government Offices (Ministry of Infrastructure and Ministry of Education and Research). This report is to present their results, including an analysis of what form national collaboration can take from a long-term perspective and how funding has been used.

You find a translation of the Government assignment for download here.

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